Workshop: Setting up Successful Clinical Research Programs In Community Hospital Settings

Hey there, thinking of setting up Clinical Research Program at your hospital?
Here we present our first Workshop for the conference on How to set up the Clinical Research Program at hospitals.


There has been a shift in clinical research from traditional academic medical centers to community hospital settings in the United States.  There are multiple benefits to hospitals that conduct clinical research as it provides them the opportunity to participate in studies that are leading edge thereby enhancing the reputation of the hospital system.  In addition, clinical research also enables the hospital to prevent patient out-migration and increase patient in-migration thereby increasing market advantage.  The risks associated with clinical research will be discussed with particular emphasis on indemnification, conflicts management and subject injury.  Lack of physician time and physician revenue and productivity models are often not conducive to conducting clinical research. Despite these challenges, having a robust, highly visible and strong research program can help to obtain institutional commitment and executive leadership support for research in hospitals.

Workshop By:

Dr. Vani Nilakantan
Vice President Research
Allina Health, Minneapolis

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