Track 4: Pharmacogenomics

ONE SIZE FITS ALL isn't a true saying in case of the Drugs. In the earlier period it was believed that a drug molecule can be used to all the person to cure a particular illness. But the advents in the technology have proved that this statement doesn't stand true to all individuals. 
Effect of a Drug molecule depends on the Bioavailability of that molecule in the host body. Since all each individuals gene makeup is completely different, the Pharmacodynamics of the Drug molecule changes in each individuals case.It becomes very difficult for one one to predict how actually a Drug molecule works in each Individual.
Pharmacogenomics is the study of How these genes in each individual effect response of a person to a particular drug over a period of time. This is the latest topics which took researchers by storm which combines the essence of both Pharmacology and Genomics
Human Genome Project gave real boost to this topics which made researcher to search for the reason why the genes effect the metabolism and action of a drug in an individual and How?
Researchers have been using the data obtained after HGP to reveal the possible answers for these questions.
The differential behaviors of a gene in each individuals to analysed through these studies to develop drug that can have a better efficiency when taken by the individual. This has been revolutionizing the Healthcare society and improving the health of the individuals by making the drug more effective. 

"5th World Congress on Advanced Clinical Trials and Clinical Research" is accepting the abstracts related to the topic of Pharmacogenomics. Anyone intereseted in presenting a speech at the conference can submit there Abstracts here at:

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