Track 1: Drug Discovery and Development

 Drug Discovery and Development: 

Popularly known as 3D, Drug Discovery and Drug Development is Billion dollar market which has started expanding rapidly in the recent years. This involves identifying a diseases and the reason/source for the disease then countering these with the molecules available naturally or by synthesizing in the labs. As a first step mechanism of the disease is understood and mapped. Then using the modern tools of Bioinformatics and Biochemistry molecules which counter this mechanism is identified. These molecules are generally termed as Lead molecule. Once the lead molecule is identified they are further optimized to get a better counter action. Among several targeted molecules only few make it to the final steps of the optimization. Once the lead molecule is identified they are now sent to get approval from the regulatory bodies(FDA). For this their trial on different subjects is done referred as Clinical Trial. Once they are certified as Good for consumption tag from the regulatory bodies they are released into the market.
In the developing society each day people encounter different type of disease. It becomes very important for us to develop counter molecules for these pathogens and other disease causing molecules. Thus 3D helps in developing a disease free community.

Call for abstracts:
World Congress on Advanced Clinical Trials and Clinical Research, is accepting the abstract under the category "Drug Discovery and Development"

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